Logo design for hockey team

(New)Hockey Logo Shoulder Logo Leg Logo 10862_10151325288873790_882170484_n 10992_10151325288333790_1387617261_n64534_10151325289088790_1724664055_n



This painting, I used Acrylic on canvas.

Amy Winehouse

A while ago, one of my favorite singer past away. her name is Amy Winehouse. I don’t think it was all her fault to past away. because everybody has a bad habit.


Recent Art

I know I didn’t update this web site for a long time… time frying since i start working hard. Anyway i paint these painting for a present to my grandpa and my mom.

Horse painting for my grandpa:) i painted this by Acrylic and water color

Copying : Alfons Maria Mucha “Fruit” for my mom. i painted this by water color, Acrylic and Pastel

更新をするのにしばらく間が空いてしまいましたが最近 私のおじいちゃんと お母さんにプレゼントした絵です。馬の絵はおじいちゃんに、アクリル絵の具と水彩絵の具でキャンパスに描きました。お母さんにはアルフォンス・  ミュシャの模写を水彩絵の具とアクリル絵の具、パステルでイラストボードに描きました。


i made this character for the Website introducing Brazilian and Peruvian culture and food!!
And this is great website to buy many different kind of foodstuff and everything from Brazil and Peru!! BTW, i bought a Brazilian portuguese conversation book there! Anyway, check it out;)



Eu te amo Brasil! Te quiero Peru!


Attention Please!

皆さん!今までパソコンの使い方がよく分からず過激なイラストからピースフルなイラストまでこのサイトで垂れ流しておりましたが、キッズがもし何かの事故(?)で観ちゃったらヤバイじゃん!!ということでセキュリティーを設定しました:) パスワードがないと観れませんよそこの坊や!笑)


Actually, I really didn’t know how to use WordPress that much and you could see all of my art work before. And you know, some of my illustrations are pretty extreme and I don’t want to show those to kids and who doesn’t like extreme stuff. So I protect these illustrations from them. If you are already grown up and OK to see it, please contact me. I will let you know the pass word:) Thanks for your understanding!


“What’s up I’m Bruno”

彼がついに日本にやって来ます!!あまりにも下品な内容のため日本では公開出来ない映画だと思っていたらさすがMTV!見事に輸入してくれた(笑) しかし大半がモザイクまみれになるのでは…?もしハードコアなコメディーが好きな方は観なきゃですよ!!

You know what?Bruno is coming to Japan!! i thought this movie is too much sexual for Japanese and they cant show it in the movie theater. But, Oh my MTV! they were able to import this great movie!lol
if you didnt know about this movie, you gotta watch it man!(Only people who likes the hard core comedy!!)